Gwenn Seemel painting
process for Ladybugs

This is where I share the story behind my work: the discoveries and the disappointments as well as the pressures and the pleasures of the creative life.

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Gwenn Seemel indie web artist
photos by Gwenn Seemel


Gwenn Seemel in her studio
photos by Newsweek and Gwenn Seemel


American painter Gwenn Seemel speaking at the University of Quebec Montreal and making public art in Washington DC for Make Room
photos by the ADTE and Gwenn Seemel


French artist Gwenn Seemel speaking at a conference in Quebec and attending an art reception in New Jersey
photos by the ADTE and David Vanadia


art by Gwenn Seemel in Belgium and the French-American painter in her studio in Surf City, New Jersey in 2016
photos by PointCulture Liège and Chris Seiz


art by Gwenn Seemel at the Joan Hisaoka Gallery in DC and how to make a living as as artist
photo by Charlotte Hager


French-American artist and free culture advocate Gwenn Seemel at TEDxGeneva and working on the Kirk Reeves mural in Portland, Oregon
photos by TEDxGeneva and Ifanyi Bell


art by Gwenn Seemel in a Gap ad in Paris and the Portland painter in her studio in 2013
photos by Claire Harai and David Vanadia


Portland artist Gwenn Seemel on CubFluffer and her art at Place Gallery
photos by CubFluffer and Gwenn Seemel


art opening with Gwenn Seemel and her art in Lorena Kloosterboer’s book
photos by David Vanadia and Gwenn Seemel


Oregon artist Gwenn Seemel on Art Beat and her art at the Northview Gallery
photos by Oregon Public Broadcasting and Gwenn Seemel


art by Gwenn Seemel and the American artist in her studio in 2009
photos by David Vanadia


painter Gwenn Seemel with a You Bag and in her studio in 2008
photos by Kristan Seemel and David Vanadia