Boldly painted. Joyfully feminist.

painter Gwenn Seemel self-portrait
self-portrait by Gwenn Seemel
Hi! I’m Gwenn Seemel.

I make brightly colored paintings that are both playful and intense, and I release all my work directly into the public domain. I’m not on social media, but my art has appeared in Newsweek, and I recently chatted with Cory Huff on The Abundant Artist Podcast.

slot machine that plays with your emotions, acrylic painting representing social media
Gwenn Seemel Lottery of Likes

My current project is a series of surreal paintings about mental health. It’s called Everything’s Fine, because everything’s not, and it includes paintings like this portrait of social media, AKA a slot machine that gambles with your emotions.

The original paintings are on display right now at the Passaic County Arts Center in Hawthorne, New Jersey, open 11a to 5p Wednesdays through Sundays!

Aline Magrez’s Queerying Nature documentary featuring Lambertville artist Gwenn Seemel
Queerying Nature poster and film still

In other news, this year I’ve made my big screen début in the Belgian documentary Queerying Nature! The film traces the impact of the biologist Joan Roughgarden’s work, in part by talking with artists like me, who took the scientific proof that queerness is perfectly natural in the animal world and made something beautiful with it.