Boldly painted. Joyfully feminist.

Gwenn Seemel makes your eyeballs (and everything attached to them) happy!

painter Gwenn Seemel self-portrait
self-portrait by Gwenn Seemel
Hi! I’m Gwenn Seemel.

I’m an artist who’s French and American. My paintings tend to be pretty—both in their style and in their imagery—but they’re also serious business. The idea is to draw you in with beauty, and then ask you to look again at the world and how you shape it. I’m pleased to meet you virtually!

video by reporter Andre Malok

At the end of last year, my Friend Request series was featured in this lovely video by reporter Andre Malok of This collection of portraits is an analog replacement for social media, and one that sees people in a deeper way. For more about why and how I quit Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube, check out this page.

hummingbird art, acrylic painting
Gwenn Seemel Hummingbird

If you still want to connect with me online, Patreon is an excellent way to do it. This painting was created as a gift for a supporter on that platform, and there are lots of fun ways to connect with me there. You can join a sticker club for $8 a month, get some personalized art guidance for just $20, or commission a custom artwork like this one!