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Gwenn Seemel’s art from 2019
some of Gwenn Seemel’s art from 2019

Happy New Year!

Most years, I average around thirty new individual artworks, but 2019 took me down a different path. Besides a handful of independent pieces, I created three mini-series and started a fourth full series. You can now see all my art from last year!

Gwenn Seemel U Is for Unicorn

Art Talk

I made this unicorn black because the “white = pure” concept that pervades so much of Western thinking offends me. I love that both black and white are a mixture of all colors—black in the painterly sense and white in terms of the way light waves work. It please me that, while seemingly opposite, black and white both hold the rainbow.

You can watch the making of this painting, which is part of my upcoming animal alphabet book!