Boldly painted. Joyfully feminist.

painter Gwenn Seemel self-portrait
self-portrait by Gwenn Seemel

Hi! I’m Gwenn Seemel.

I make brightly colored paintings that are both playful and intense, and I release all my work directly into the public domain, free for use by anybody for any reason. Because of that unusual choice, I was invited to give a TEDx talk in Switzerland. My art has appeared in Newsweek as well as on the cover of an Oxford University Press book, and, in 2023, I made my film début in the Belgian documentary Queerying Nature.

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mental health coloring book page of a woolly mammoth
coloring page of The Woolly Mammoth in the Room
My current project is called Everything’s Fine.

It started out as a series of paintings about mental health, and I’m currently transforming these images into a coloring book. The project is available as a free high school art lesson plan. Tell all the art teachers you know!

My blog is the best place to find updates about the project—sign up to receive emails whenever I post something new. video of Lambertville art by Gwenn Seemel
screenshot of
Art can fight hate.

When a pedestrian bridge in a park near my place was overrun with hateful vandalism, I responded with art. After and the Bucks County Beacon covered the story, the park authorities finally took action.

Read more about this artistic form of activism in this excellent interview.

“[This artistic intervention] was an honest attempt at visual conversation at a time when discourse is in short supply, and it was done with the wit, color and personality that characterizes all of [Seemel]’s work.”

- Tris McCall,, April 2024