Boldly painted. Joyfully feminist.

painter Gwenn Seemel self-portrait
self-portrait by Gwenn Seemel

Hi! I’m Gwenn Seemel.

I make brightly colored paintings that are both playful and intense, and I release all my work directly into the public domain. I was invited to give a TEDx talk in Switzerland, and my art has appeared in Newsweek as well as on the cover of an Oxford University Press book. In 2023, I made my film début in the Belgian documentary Queerying Nature.

mental health coloring book page of a marching band made up of cats
coloring page of Oh No! Thoughts Won’t Go.
My current project is called Everything’s Fine.

It started out as a series of paintings about mental health that I created over the course of several years. I’m currently transforming these images into a coloring book as well as a high school art curriculum.

Thank you to the 78 lovely people who supported the Kickstarter campaign and to the Puffin Foundation for helping to make this project happen! video by Andre Malok abou Lambertville artist Gwenn Seemel and the Alexauken Creek Spillway Bridge on the tow path north of town
screenshot of the video
Art’s purpose is to create change.

This singular idea has been at the heart of my art practice for two decades. Change is a part of every artwork I create, every book I write, and every sticker I send out. Most recently, change is what drove me to ask the Internet to teach me about wheatpasting in public spaces and landed me on and in the Bucks County Beacon.