Boldly painted. Joyfully feminist.

Gwenn Seemel makes your eyeballs (and everything attached to them) happy!

Gwenn Seemel’s paintings of workers for The Future We Need, Cornell University Press book
portraits from The Future We Need

New York City Art

The Future We Need is a new book by Erica Smiley and Sarita Gupta, published by Cornell University Press. It features a number of my paintings, and they were on display at the Ford Foundation for the book launch. This was my first ever art show in the City and I have all the feels about it!

photo by Jay Garrison of Lambertville.Life
photo by Jay Garrison of Lambertville.Life

Film Star for a Week

Belgian filmmaker Aline Magrez is documenting the impact of the biologist Joan Roughgarden’s work, in part by talking with artists like me, who took the scientific proof that queerness is perfectly natural in the animal world and made something beautiful with the information. The film will be out sometime next year, but for more about the project go here!