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making artworks that are brightly colored, boldly painted, and bursting with love

rainbow unicow mom and baby art GIF
Gwenn Seemel’s Rainbow Unicow GIF

Rainbow Unicow Love!

Sometimes a mom and baby unicow art GIF is the best way to send your love in a text, and that’s the precise situation for which I made this animated image! Please use it as you like.

The original piece is for sale, and if you want a card or t-shirt with rainbow unicows, my print shop has you covered.

A Perfectly COVID-19 Art Theme: Time Soup

During the Black Death, art famously took a turn towards skeletons, but other themes cropped up as well: things like religious warnings and appeals to saints. As COVID vaccines slowly start to roll out, I’ve been thinking a lot about what themes will emerge from our pandemic. To see examples of time soup from other artists, go here!