Artwork / Baby Sees ABCs

We may have never met, but we are already hard at work on a collaborative project together. This particular team effort is so vital to everyday life that we forget it even exists. It shapes our experiences and molds our behaviors. It is at the core of our identity as a species.

We call this collaboration “language.”

You may think of language more in terms of communication rather than collaboration, but the simple truth is that, if we don’t agree on the meaning of sounds and the letters that represent them, then language can’t exist. That consensus, reinvented and reaffirmed repeatedly over millennia, is our oldest and most layered collaboration, and it begins with the alphabet.

Baby Sees ABCs is a celebration of our cooperation! It is a crowdfunded alphabet book that I am currently finishing up. If you want to know as soon as the book comes out, sign up for my mailing list.