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January 6, 2020

I just read Know My Name, Chanel Miller’s account of the violence she endured at the hands of rapist Brock Turner and the many further violations that stemmed from Turner’s actions. In her memoir, Miller lays out the assaults and insults of our judicial system, of Standford University, and of a society still not ready to put the blame where it belongs.

This book enraged me, bringing up all those feelings that I tamp down on a daily basis just so that I can live my life.

I’d hoped I would be able to write an interesting response to Miller’s memoir, but, after reading the book over the course of three intesely emotional days, all I have is this:

Please read Know My Name.

And if you don’t want to—either because you don’t feel like it or because you don’t think it could possibly be that important—below is a video from 2013 that I made about being on a jury for a peeping tom case.

As you read Know My Name, I recommend checking out Miller’s Instagram. Her visual art helped me make it through her words. (I wish she would include her art on her site too!)

Chanel Miller’s art
Chanel Miller’s art

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