Blog / 2017 / Painting the Naïveté of Men

December 18, 2017

When dealing with offensive behavior, including sexual harassment, I like to respond with a formula I was taught to use any time someone is making me uncomfortable, but I don’t always manage to. For example, with the old man at beginning of this video, I didn’t say anything. I just walked away, too stunned by his actions to respond. I feel shame about not standing up to him and I feel shame for feeling shame, but talking about it calms me a bit. My hope is that sharing all this will help make all of us better at standing up for ourselves and each other.

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Anita Hill as Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz confronting Senator Alan Simpson painting from 2017
Gwenn Seemel
Because Because Because Because! Because of the [Horrible] Things [the Patriarchy] Does!
acrylic on panel
20 x 10 inches

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