Artwork / 2019

Richard Speer painted by Gwenn Seemel  little girl unicorn, mixed media art ocelot painting young couple painted on a canvas tote figure in a hazmat suit painted by Gwenn Seemel fine art portrait of a family tiger drawing by wildlife artist Gwenn Seeme; bat flying art painted portrait of a young white woman smiling beautiful person Charlotte Clymer portrait drawing nursing mother art bright orange newt in the grass commissioned kid portrait by Gwenn Seemel little girl drawing a pig-panda bees working in their hive little girl painting the nails of a teenager rabbitosaurus regina, animal invented by Gwenn Seeme; portrait drawing of a black man kangaroo painted by wildlife artist Gwenn Seemel sunset painting by LBI artist Gwenn Seemel sea turtle illustration by evironmental artist Gwenn Seemel kids each working on their own thing quietly together, figurative art commission portrait drawing by portraitist Gwenn Seemel painting of a squirrel trying to meditate little girl archer painted in mixed media ferns painted on a sad mask

Most years, I average around thirty new individual artworks, but 2019 took me down a different path. Besides a handful of independent pieces, I created three mini-series and started a fourth full series, which is also a book.

One of the smaller collections addressed my anxiety: how I try to deal with it along with its main sources—the twin crises of the environment and misogyny. Another consisted of mixed media paintings on paper inspired by my time at the Camp Stomping Ground artist residency. Those images are scattered throughout the group shown above, while below is the most formal of the three mini-series.

fine art portrait of a black woman smiling portrait of a white woman fine art portrait of a smiling black woman Sarita Gupta painted by Gwenn Seemel fine art portrait of a stunning black woman painted by Gwenn Seemel fine art portrait of a smiling woman two white women painted in acrylic Erica Smiley from Jobs with Justice, painted portrait fine art portrait of a beautiful black woman painting of a woman fine art portrait of a white man with a beard

These eleven portraits represent workers and labor organizers from across the US who are featured in The Future We Need, a book about collective bargaining and how it can be used by more than just labor unions!

Along with all this new work, some of my older art also came back into focus in 2019. For one thing, my 2017 series Empathetic Magic was exhibited in April at Lyceum Hall in Burlington, New Jersey, with the addition of two new portraits.

Gwenn Seemel in Newsweek
screenshot of Newsweek

For another, one of my paintings of Trump made headlines in April when it was removed from a group exhibition at the Montclair Public Library in New Jersey and then later reinstalled.

Gwenn Seemel on the set of Hip New Jersey with Lisa Marie Latino
still from Hip New Jersey video

“Our studio found itself much like a traffic jam, everyone gathering around to stare, mouths open, at [Seemel]’s work.”

- Editor, Hip New Jersey, April 2019