Artwork / 2015

Annie Seemel, the artist’s mom commissioned portrait of a handsome black man octopus illustion in marker on paper purple poppies painted by floral artist Gwenn Seemel harvest mouse drawing by wildlife artist Gwenn Seeme; French bulldog painting beautiful dragon drawing by Gwenn Seemel bohemian waxwing art pet painting, chihuahua dog falcon artwork cat hypnotized by copyright baby racoon painting floral art by American artist Gwenn Seemel rooster illustration by Gwenn Seemel house portrait painting by Gwenn Seemel crocodile artwork by wildlife artist Gwenn Seemel heron drawing in marker on paper David Vanadia and Gwenn Seemel double portrait blue jay painting ladybug artwork drawing Gabe Flores and Gwenn Seemel painting lion drawing commissioned portrait of a young white woman fox illustration marigolds painting cat artwork rabbit drawing in marker on paper squirrel monkey artwork by wildlife painter Gwenn Seemel Mayor Charlie Hales sucks black dog artwork portrait of a beautiful person mongoose artwork by wildlife painter Gwenn Seemel colorful turtle drawing lion profile artwork home portrait drawing fun sea turtle drawing art on a box Kristan Seemel, New York City portrait of a yound couple cuddling bear drawing octopus artwork flying owl painting by bird artist Gwenn Seemel unicorn drawing in pink and blue rabbit and moon art Richard Seemel and his brother Bob

After 23 years as an Oregonian, in 2015 I moved with my partner first to Virginia and then to New Jersey. For more about why we left Portland check out this art I made about it, and for more about how I ended up a Jersey girl there’s this video summary of 2015.

Gwenn Seemel
photo by David Vanadia

In April, I started writing for Professional Artist magazine. This gig was very important to me as it validated my writing in a new way—by paying me for my words for the first time ever. I enjoyed writing for the magazine for a few years, but I ended up quitting because of the publisher’s unethical behavior.

Gwenn Seemel speaking at the Rencontres Mondiales du Logiciel Libre in Beauvais, France
photo by Martin Geddes

In July, I participated in the Rencontres Mondiales du Logiciel Libre, a copyleft conference in France. My presentation explained how to free your work while making a living with your art, and it is based on my book, You Share Good. The talk was in French, but there is an English version of it here.

Gwenn Seemel speaking at the Joan Hisaoka Healing Arts Gallery
photo by Charlotte Hager

In October and November, some of my work was included in Implicit Bias, a group show that was exhibited at multiple locations in DC, including the Joan Hisaoka Healing Arts Gallery and the Takoma Park location of Busboys and Poets.