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animal alphabet book, Baby Sees ABCs by Gwenn Seemel

Full of first names, fun art, and unusual fauna, this ABC book provides not only a foundation for verbal and artistic literacy, but also a word search! The 26 names painted into each of the 26 images promote letter recognition, encourage readers to look closely at the art, and also remind them that they are not alone.

Each of the 676 names brings home the central truth of the alphabet: it is a group of symbols whose meaning we have all agreed upon. Every time we use letters and language, we are agreeing with each other once again. We are saying yes to working together, and yes to all the amazing things we can accomplish when we work together.

Baby Sees ABCs is available for $20. This price does not include shipping or tax, which will be calculated by Lulu, the service that prints and ships the book. You can see all the images from the book here.


Gwenn Seemel’s black unicorn
U Is for Unicorn

Though many of the original letter illustrations from Baby Sees ABCs, including U Is for Unicorn, have sold, all of the images are available as posters and pillows and things!

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photo of a baby with Gwenn Seemel’s baby book
photo of a Baby Sees ABCs admirer

“Ask someone what their favorite children’s book was and they’ll likely have a quick answer. The messages and illustrations from these books create lifelong memories. But Lambertville painter Gwenn Seemel’s animal alphabet book Baby Sees ABCs connects with kids another way.”

- Jenna Intersimone,, November 2022

“A theme running through the entire project is collaboration—in the decision-making process shared by supporter and artist; in the name seek-and-find created by the artist for the viewer; and in the alphabet itself.”

- Victoria Ford, The SandPaper, July 2020

“With a style both earthy and electrifying, Seemel is able to transcend beauty within the meaning of life.”

- Lana Leonard, Out In Jersey, July 2020