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February 12, 2024

Jersey Collective sticker machine
photos courtesy of Jersey Collective

Right now my art is part of the Jersey Collective’s Sticker Club, a lovely initiative by Kerri Sullivan that promotes the art of New Jersey artists via a traveling machine. My sticker is one of eight, and, though all are fun for different reasons, I definitely have favorites.

Joy Velasco’s HONK! sticker for Jersey Collective
Joy Velasco’s HONK!

Joy Velasco’s HONK! is a sweet little reminder that the cobra-chickens are going to be back in full force any day now, especially along the canal path where I walk most days. Though I was raised to make eye contact with people as I pass them in the street, I’ve learned hard way that, if I want to be allowed to pass, it’s best that I pretend not to see these fowl little trolls.

Nicole Keiser’s Shake to Share sticker for Jersey Collective
Nicole Keiser’s Shake to Share

“Stickers to me are a powerful mini billboard. I love seeing stickers pasted on the street, on someone’s water bottle or laptop, with everything from the mundane and comical to bold political messaging. It can really serve as a platform into people’s thoughts and personalities.”

- Nicole Keiser

Nicole Keiser’s Shake to Share brings me back to high school, when diners were the late night hangout spot. In fact, stickers in general take me to that time in my life.

notebook decorated with fruit labels and other food-related ephemera
photo by Gwenn

To when I was decorating notebooks like this. At the time—back in the late 90s—the world of artist stickers wasn’t as developed as it is today, with small batch printing not yet a thing. As you can see, I made up for the lack of independent artist stickers by collecting fruit and vegetable labels and gluing down other ephemera food-related ephemera with lots of clear packing tape.

Gwenn Seemel’s Nuts sticker for Jersey Collective
Gwenn Seemel’s Nuts

My contribution to the sticker machine is one of my most popular designs from my print-on-demand shop. This nutty little squirrel was originally an illustration for a book about questioning copyright that you can download for free.

Maybe this post made you think of something you want to share with me? Or perhaps you have a question about my art? I’d love to hear from you!


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