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February 11, 2019

Last year, I painted a polar bear to express my solastalgia, though at the time I didn’t yet know that term.

Over the years, I have encountered visual artists who have trouble creating work because of their solastalgia. Combined with a classic artistic lack of confidence, their anxiety about global warming leads them to believe that they don’t have the right to produce objects—viewing their art as just more trash that will ultimately pollute the earth. I empathize with their struggle. I’ve had a hard time accepting that my life takes up space.

Still, my solastalgia doesn’t paralyze me completely because I firmly believe that, no matter what individuals may do to trash the earth, our impact cannot compare to the daily ecological atrocities committed by corporations. Let’s get their greed in check first! Then, if we still feel like it’s fruitful, we can question whether or not artists are allowed to make objects.

figure in a hazmat suit surrounded by feathers
Gwenn Seemel
When People Tell Me Everything Is Going to Be Okay
acrylic on canvas
16 x 14 inches

When People Tell Me Everything Is Going to Be Okay is available for $1000 plus shipping—see all the artworks that are currently for sale.

Prints and other arty items of the image are in my Redbubble shop. I even made a pretty design with the feathers from the background!

figure in a hazmat suit surrounded by feathers on Redbubble
on Redbubble

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