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November 20, 2017

The last time I wore makeup was for this video about why people wear makeup, and I’ve never once applied it myself. Even when I used to do theater, I always found someone involved in the show who was willing to do it for me.

This portrait bag is meant to represent my beginnings as an artist, from the braids to buttons to Bob. In my teens I was all about imitating the intricate ancient Roman hairstyles, and I was always requesting buttons from people I liked so that I could make necklaces out of them. Bob is the swirling design that I came up with in high school and that a friend in chemistry class named for me.

Pretty prints and pillows of Bob portion of the image are here.

a colorful crosshatched painting of Gwenn Seemel smiling
Gwenn Seemel
Key Ingredients
acrylic on canvas bag
14 x 20 x 4 inches

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