Blog / 2017 / Why People Wear Makeup

January 8, 2017

When I came home to my partner wearing makeup, his response was to make a face and then sniff me before saying “you smell weird.” When I showed a photo to my mother (who wears makeup), she replied “it’s pretty, but it’s not my daughter.” I love my people.

Big shout-out to my friend Julie who helped make this happen. I had originally asked her to put make up on me while I filmed the process, but she wasn’t sure about her skills. In order to get some ideas, she took me to be made up by a pro—someone very kind and thoughtful. Two very itchy eyeballs and multiple pimples later, I decided that the footage I recorded when I got home from being made over by the pro was all I needed for the video. I hate to say “never” so I won’t, but it’s very unlikely that I will be wearing makeup ever again.

I got a makeover for a lot of reasons, but at least part of my motivation is doing research for my upcoming series about all they ways we hide from each other.


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