Artwork / Crime Against Nature / Mr. and Mrs. Right, Mr. and Mrs. Also-right (White-throated Sparrow)

painting of four sparrows
Gwenn Seemel
Mr. and Mrs. Right, Mr. and Mrs. Also-right (White-throated Sparrow)
acrylic on panel
10 x 10 inches

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Much like with this painting, I was stuck until I looked at some of Gustav Klimt’s work. The black stripes are inspired by his sense of design, and it’s hardly the first time I’ve leaned on another artist to spark me. You can watch the making of this painting, and below is the text from the book Crime Against Nature that goes with it.

Some animals come in four genders.

White-throated sparrows have two different types of coloring, white-striped and tan-striped. There are white-striped females and white-striped males as well as tan-striped females and tan-striped males. White-striped birds of both sexes tend to be more territorial and aggressive than the tan-striped birds of either sex. White-striped sparrows form the most successful mating teams with tan-striped birds.

wildlife painting by Gwenn Seemel
detail image