Artwork / Baby Sees ABCs / Z Is for Zorilla

African polecat, zorilla, painted in acrylic on wood
Gwenn Seemel
Z Is for Zorilla
acrylic on panel
14 x 14 inches

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The first names embedded in this image are Za, Zack, Zafar, Zahara, Zahid, Zaira, Zan, Zane, Zanele, Zara, Zawar, Zayda, Zayn, Zazou, Zee, Zelda, Zheegwon, Zheng, Ziggy, Zinnia, Zoey, Zoraida, Zorba, Zowie, Zugunruhe, and Zulsiramar.

This African species marks and defends its territory with an anal spray, a behavior that’s similar to what the skunks of North and South America do. But while the zorilla certainly stinks like a skunk, it is genetically more closely related to a weasel—meaning it’s more closely related to this domesticated European polecat!

You can watch the making of Z Is for Zorilla.

African polecat wildlife art
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