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nedoceratops painting, dinosaur art
Gwenn Seemel
N Is for Nedoceratops
acrylic on panel
14 x 14 inches

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The first names embedded in this image are Nadav, Nadja, Namita, Nana, Nancy, Nandi, Nanette, Naomi, Narmada, Nasim, Nastassia, Natasha, Nathan, Nekhbet, Neleisha, Nelly, Nencioli, Nessa, Nica, Nick, Nicolette, Nietzsche, Nita, Noah, Nora, and Nova.

In researching the nedoceratops—a species which some insist is a strange triceratops and others believe is a missing link between the triceratops and the torosaurus—I was struck by how little we actually know for certain about dinosaurs. Their bones reveal tantalizing clues about the earth as it was, serving as a reminder of how much there is still to learn about the history of our planet.

You can watch the making of N Is for Nedoceratops or check out my rabbitosaurus regina, which is an entirely made up species combining a bunny with a tyrannosaurus rex as a way to embody the rage that misogyny provokes in me.

nedoceratops painting
detail image