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dumbo octopus art by Gwenn Seemel
Gwenn Seemel
D Is for Dumbo Octopus
acrylic on panel
14 x 14 inches

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The first names embedded in this image are Dagmar, Daisy, Damali, Daniel, Darin, Darius, Darla, David, Dawn, Deanna, Deb, Delaney, Deloris, Dénes, Deserée, Destiny, Devin, Dewayne, Diane, Dilan, Dino, Dmitriy, Dolly, Donald, Donna, and Doug.

I love squishy eight-legged creatures so much—and not just ones with lateral fins that resemble the big ears of Dumbo the Elephant. I made a whole video about what I learned about being an artist from octopuses and a GIF that shows the process of making D Is for Dumbo Octopus.

ocean art by American artist Gwenn Seemel
detail image