Artwork / 2021 / Human Light

blue, orange, and yellow candles with humanist symbols for flames, celebrating Decemeber 23rd Human Light, painted by atheist artist Gwenn Seemel
Gwenn Seemel
Human Light
acrylic and marker on paper
11 x 7 inches


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Human Light is a non-religious festival that coincides with the Christmas season and is a secular celebration of reason, compassion, and hope. One of the ways to mark Human Light is with three candles representing these three humanist values, and I’ve lit mine with flames in the shape of the humanist symbol, which looks like both a letter H and a person.

In 2021, I made my atheist identity a priority, and this image as well as this video were both important steps in my journey to finding my humanist community. It reminds a little of how this painting of a lack of flame was about finding my place in the Hyphenated-American community and makes me think that, if we’re lucky, we never finish discovering who we are.

humanist symbol art by non-religious artist Gwenn Seemel
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