Artwork / 2021

Ella Jaroszewicz painting artwork German shepherd looking like she did something naughty squirrel monkey with capybara art for sale beautiful woman painted on a tondo by artist Gwenn Seemel bear cub making a heart with her paws, painted in acrylic on paper mom and son portrait painting by independent artist Gwenn Seemel pink geranium floral art, expressive design art

Now into our second year of pandemic time soup, I’m continuing to paint, as you can see, but I’m also relying more on my computer for self-expression. Specifically, I’ve started making animated versions of my paintings and drawings for you to text to your friends!

My work earned a write-up in the The Press of Atlantic City for Lifesavers Fan Art, a project that you are still welcome to make art for! Please email me if you have any questions about how to get involved.