Artwork / 2020 / Masked Up Exponentially

COVID art of a woman wearing a mask that’s decorated with an image of that same woman wearing a mask, which also has the image on it, and on into infinity
Gwenn Seemel
Masked Up Exponentially
acrylic, colored pencil, and marker on paper
10 x 13 inches


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This self-portrait was inspired by the print-on-demand masks with my art on them that became available through my print shop soon after the pandemic began. Painting self-portraits tends to soothe me, and it amused me to think of sporting a mask with this image on it, so I decided to paint it. Also, having painted so many others wearing face coverings, it seemed important to make a pro-mask image of myself as well.

You can see the making of Masked Up Exponentially.

pandemic painting by contemporary artist Gwenn Seemel
detail image