Artwork / 2020

rainbow unicow mom and baby painted by queer artist Gwenn Seemel Anna’s hummingbird perched on a branch abstract pink zinnia painting album cover, yin yang and dancing dragonfly art fine art commissioned portrait of a woman and her tween daughter two magpies arguing fine art portraits of four kids chameleon artwork by American artist Gwenn Seemel painting of a little girl holding a snake parsley art, jalapeño painting, and leek illustration snow leopard illustration hanpainted swirly design tote strawberry flower art three cheetahs, a wild cat mom with her kittens beaver with the ecosystem she created American flag with rainbow nuances, painted by Gwenn Seemel raven flying over a baby elephant painting of a rose by Gwenn Seemel fine art portrait of a boy with his grandmother

This year has been scary on a global scale. Though some days the weight of all the present and future suffering caused by COVID-19 and by 45’s mishandling of it leaves me unable to function, I am still making art.

In this gallery, you’re seeing commissioned pieces as well as small affordable artworks—pieces whose sales allow me to keep on being an artist even as the economy falls apart. Beyond these works, I made a collection of images in direct response to the pandemic and published my animal alphabet book, Baby Sees ABCs.

Baby Sees ABCs, word search and baby name book by Gwenn Seemel
Baby Sees ABCs, the book

Full of first names, fun art, and unusual fauna, this ABC book provides not only a foundation for verbal and artistic literacy, but also a word search!

Baby Sees ABCs is available for $20. This price does not include shipping or tax, both of which will be calculated by Lulu, the service that will print and ship the book.