Artwork / 2003

In 2003, I finished my undergraduate studies at Willamette University and immediately entered the graduate school of real life. Besides the two fundamental courses, Finding Your Voice 101 and Making Money, I leapt immediately into more challenging classes like Painting for Clients.

The workload that the graduate school of real life dumped on me from day one was immense and also immensely satisfying. I was learning how to make ends meet by working for myself and by doing what I love. What’s more, I was discovering that being an artist does not always mean taking a hated day job and creating in your spare moments: being an artist can be a day job—an every day, all day, and into the night kind of day job.

To see where 2003 took me conceptually, check out Critics Critiqued, a show which explores power dynamics in the art world.

Gwenn Seemel at the Willamette University Graduate Art Show opening in Salem, Oregon
photo by Annie Seemel