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November 26, 2021

’Tis the season for well wishes of all kinds, along with promises to floss regularly in the new year and hopes to (re)meet the love of your life. While I’m not against any of that, what I really want for all of us is rest.

I want us to take walks or stop walking so much. I want us to read more or less, whatever we need to feel rested. Ditto for TV shows. I want us to be present with ourselves, recognize what we need a break from, and then do just that.

process of painting prairie dogs
painting process

Painting is my rest. Even when I’m doing it a lot or it’s on a tight deadline, art-making is restful, because it pushes me outside of my own mind and into the space between my body and the painting. It’s weird to describe and weirder still to feel, but the truth is that it’s the only time my brain calms down, because I’m not there anymore.

Maybe that doesn’t sound relaxing—maybe the idea even stresses you out a bit—but it’s still my wish that you to find some version of it yourself, because, whatever shape it takes, rest is good.

family of prairie dogs resting and playing outside the entrance to their burrow in South Dakota
Gwenn Seemel
Prairie Party (South Dakota)
acrylic, colored pencil, and marker on paper
7 x 11 inches

This prairie dog piece is from my COVID cross-country trip and it’s for sale for $140 plus shipping—see all currently available artworks. There are prints and pretty things here in my print shop.

praire dog art
detail of Prairie Party (South Dakota)

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