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August 10, 2021

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Ever since COVID went full delta, I’ve wanted to do something to help. A sticker sheet promoting masks won’t cure us of the virus, but, as school starts up again, it could help make kids safer by making masks a little bit cooler.

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sticker sheet of SpongeBob, Rainbow Dash, Yoda, Pikachu, Dora the Explorer, and Lisa Simpson, all wearing blue surgical-style masks
special edition Lifesavers Fan Art sticker sheet

Yoda and company are part of Lifesavers Fan Art, a collaborative pro-mask project that you’re welcome to make art for like these artists have. All you have to do is choose a pop culture character you love, make an image of the character wearing a blue surgical mask, and share it with me and with everyone you know!


Every single person who supports my art on Patreon by August 31st will receive this Lifesavers Fan Art sticker sheet! You could champion my work for as little as two dollars a month or as much as two hundred, and you’ll receive it. But the only way to get the special edition multi-sticker sheet is to pledge through Patreon.

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