Blog / 2020 / #LifesaversFanArt: What Is Your Favorite Part of Wearing a Mask?

December 8, 2020

Please join in this effort to make wearing a mask cool. Choose a pop culture character you love, make an image of the character wearing a blue surgical mask, and share it with me and with everyone you know!

The original Dora and Boots painting is for sale for $150 plus shipping—see all currently available artworks. And you can buy postcard prints of all eighteen of the Lifesavers Fan Art series for $40 with shipping and tax in the US included in the price. If you want the cards plus eighteen envelopes to go with, it’s $48 with shipping and tax in the US included. Email me with your order.

mixed media Dora the Explorer fan art of Dora and Boots wearing face coverings because of the pandemic
Gwenn Seemel
What Is Your Favorite Part of Wearing a Mask?
acrylic, colored pencil, and marker on paper
8 x 8 inches

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