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September 11, 2020

Please join in this effort to make wearing a mask cool! Share this fan art, make some of your own, and tag it all #LifesaversFanArt so we can bring these inspiring works together.

The original Spider-verse painting is for sale for $150 plus shipping—see all currently available artworks. I can’t make prints of With the Novel Coronavirus Comes Great Responsibility available through my Redbubble shop because the print-on-demand platform is a good little lap dog to licensing companies, but, as soon as more of the series is done, I’ll make a set of Lifesavers Fan Art postcards available through my mailing lists: sometimes, all the time, or Patreon.

Patreon Palooza showcasing the work of Donna Downey, Mindy Lacefield, Kae Pea, Elizabeth St. Hilaire, and Gwenn Seemel

Celebrating the last day of Patreon Palooza, we are focusing on my work! Here are my answers to the mini-interview I did all week with the four other Patreon Palooza artists:

What totally unexpected thing have I discovered about myself in the pandemic?

Reading has always been my refuge from the world, and I never thought there would come a time when I wouldn’t be able to enjoy books. Until COVID-19 hit. My brain was suddenly so full of uncertainty that there wasn’t any room for anything else. I couldn’t concentrate on anything, not even novels.

It was Vivek Shraya’s The Subtweet that eventually snapped me out of the worst of it. After weeks of slogging through books, desperately trying to recapture my love of reading, I devoured Shraya’s novel. I enjoyed both the art/media theory and the story of a complicated friendship, and I’ll always remember it as the book that saved reading for me.

What’s something unusual that makes me laugh in a full-on guffaw?

I think farts are funny. My grandfather deservers all the credit for this unending source of joy. Whenever he farted, he would say that he was coughing or that he had a cold. I can’t explain why that ridiculous reframing of flatulence amuses me so much, but it really does. To this day, farts are the only sure way to make me laugh!

What is my favorite character from movies, TV, or books? Why?

As a kid, I was pretty obsesessed with the movie Labyrinth, and the monstrously sweet Ludo was definitely the star for me. I also loved playing 8 Eyes the videogame with my brother, because you could paly on the same team. I would be the falcon, and I’d get to fly around helping him to win the game.

More recently, Peggy and Joan from Mad Men fascinated me. I love all the women in that series, watching each of them navigate misogyny in their own way.

I hope you’ll consider supporting my art on Patreon. The special deals available only for patrons are my way of saying thank you for helping to power this art machine!
mixed media art showing Gwen Stacy, Peter Parker, and Miles Morales wearing masks because of the pandemic
Gwenn Seemel
With the Novel Coronavirus Comes Great Responsibility
acrylic, colored pencil, and marker on paper
8 x 8 inches

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