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August 28, 2020

In my 17 years as an artist, I’ve never really made fan art, unless you count pieces like this Little Prince rip-off or this Superman one, which are more about making commentary than about engaging with a fandom. But recently I hit upon an idea that couldn’t be done without painting some of our favorite characters from popular movies, TV shows, and books.

I’ll be debuting this new series on September 6th as part of Patreon Palooza!

Patreon Palooza showcasing the work of Donna Downey, Mindy Lacefield, Kae Pea, Elizabeth St. Hilaire, and Gwenn Seemel

Patreon Palooza is a special six-day event showcasing the work of Donna Downey, Mindy Lacefield, Kae Pea, and Elizabeth St. Hilaire as well as my own!

The event comes with all kinds of fun treats:

  • I’ll be premiering my new fan art series, releasing one new image each day.
  • I’ll also be sending a pin with my art on it to everyone who becomes a $5+ patron by the 11th of September.
  • Donna, Mindy, Kae Pea, and Elizabeth each have brand new artworks, tutorials, and goodies of their own to celebrate their patrons!

If you sign up now to support my work through Patreon, you’ll have first dibs on the fan art, which are exquisite 8 x 8 inch paintings on paper that will sell for just $150 plus shipping!


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