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June 4, 2020

The original flag painting is for sale for $150 plus shipping—see all currently available artworks. If you want masks or other pretty items with this image, check out my Redbubble shop. Check out all the mask designs!

The Apple Pie exhibition catalog is out of print, though you can still download the digital book. You can see all the images and most of the text from the book here.

US flag for true patriots with red, white, and rainbow
Gwenn Seemel
For True Patriots
acrylic on unmounted canvas
12 x 18 inches
Rosie the Riveter wearing a headscarf
Gwenn Seemel
Raha the Riveter (German-Iranian-American, Kristina)
acrylic on canvas
41 x 38 inches
American Gothic with an Algerian-American daughter and father
Gwenn Seemel
Amazigh Gothic (Algerian-American, Taous and Cherif)
acrylic on panel
35 x 30 inches
Vietnamese-American Uncle Sam
Gwenn Seemel
Chú Xam (Vietnamese-American, Nam)
acrylic on canvas and eyelet
36 x 24 inches
an African American woman as the President of the United States
Gwenn Seemel
The Next President (African American, Chandra)
acrylic on denim
34 x 31 inches

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