Blog / 2019 / 2 Methods for Dealing with People Who Rip Off Your Artwork: “Threaten and Tell” Versus “Kiss and Tell”

May 20, 2019

The praying squirrel is available here in my Redbubble shop—and that’s where you can find out about the artist who pointed out the Robert Baker Shop to me. Though the original painting of that squirrel already has a forever home, you can see all currently available original artworks here on my site.

I have been using the “kiss and tell” method for most of my career—and I have been talking about it since 2014 with this sweet video. If you want to learn more about how to avoid getting drawn into the negativity and the money-suck that is copyright, check out my book You Share Good. Ironically, the squirrel painting is an illustration that I created for that book!

And even though I disagree with the “threaten and tell” technique because it is based on the false idea that copyright can be helpful to artists, I still appreciate what the artist who contacted me is doing. They are trying to get Amazon to stop harming creativity. The mega-corporation is taking money away from artists with its mega-laziness, and it shouldn’t get away with it. No company should! Which is why I called Redbubble out on its negligent behavior last week!

a squirrel praying
Gwenn Seemel
Copyright Is a Prayer.
acrylic on unmounted canvas
12 x 12 inches

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