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April 13, 2019

Eleven days after it was removed, Hello Sh*tty is once again on display at the Montclair Public Library in New Jersey. The whole Love and Fear exhibit continues through April 29th!

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Gwenn Seemel in Newsweek
screenshot of Newsweek

This story has received a lot of attention:

The fallout from those articles has been impressive. My art and my career are being championed and ridiculed by people of every political persuasion.

the idiocy of the Twitterverse
screenshot from this Twitter thread

But the most entertaining comments have to be from the Trump supporters who do everything like Trump, even mouthing off about things they don’t understand! I get that the story is complicated, kittens, but you really should get a grasp on it before you comment.

the idiocy of the Twitterverse
Gwenn Seemel and Peter Coyl (Montclair Public Library Director), photo by Susanna Baker

Back in March, before the show was hung—before any of this began—I told a few friends that this work would be on display at a public library. Invariably, their response was: “what if a Trump supporter defaces the piece?”

Their question made me realize that I wouldn’t care, not about the art object itself anyway. Obviously, I think that vandalizing art is wrong—the idea that others will refrain from harming your property is one of the core beliefs that keeps a society functioning. But if a Trump supporter acted in this uncivilized manner, they would be hurting themselves and their favorite president far more than they’d be hurting me.

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