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November 25, 2018

For the first time in nine years, I have a new website. My online home is now mobile-ready and rainbow-delicious, and I couldn’t be happier!

Changes include:

  1. The removal of comments from this blog.
  2. I hope this means I’ll still hear from you! The axing of comments was a bid for simplicity, not an attempt to shut down our conversation. In the era of this jerk, it has only gotten more depressing to be a woman on the web. I decided that one place I didn’t need to deal with rape threats anymore was my own site.

  3. A shift to pure HTML.
  4. That’s right: I went old school. I said “bye, CMS” and took my leave of all that jargon-y jazz in favor of a site that is, again, simplified. The move makes me a little weirder (is that possible?) and 100% cooler (if you understand how the internet works and love it more than the app-ernet—which is how I refer to the segmented corporate bot that the web has become).

  5. A reorganized shop.
  6. Please check it out! And especially my new available art gallery. It just makes everything so much easier to navigate and friendlier.


It’s been a long road getting here. A lot of that has been strategizing with my user interface design guru and back-end builder—a genius who is known around my apartment as MonkeyLove.

But more recently, most of it has been moving all the content from my old site. It turns out that hundreds of artworks and over a thousand blog posts are not only technically a pain to transfer to a new format, but they’re also an emotional rollercoaster to comb through.

To anyone who remembers the drawings above and the orginal site they were a part of back in 2003 and to everyone who stayed with me through the awkward years of my not mobile-ready site, I thank you! You have made me the artist I am today, and I hope you enjoy my new home on the web.


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