Blog / 2017 / A PechaKucha Talk on Queer Art and Christian Supremacy

December 11, 2017

PechaKucha is a format for talks that was invented by architects in Japan who were looking for an easy way to deal with that one speaker at the conference who goes on and on, never stopping to notice whether or not their audience is interested. PechaKucha allows each presenter 20 slides which advance automatically after 20 seconds, meaning that the talks never go over 6 minutes and 40 seconds. They’re a way for people to share ideas and connect with their community via a deliciously speedy package.

I originally presented this talk last week at a PechaKucha Night in Lambertville, New Jersey, and I recorded this version of the presentation at my studio to share with you, my internet community.

If you’re a Christian, please get to know Soulforce and the work they do. And if you’re confused by how I can be queer while also being a cis woman whose partner is a cis man, then here’s the quick explanation: the term “queer” means “not heterosexual” or “not heteronormative” and it’s as much a political identity as a sexual one. I hope you’ll take this opportunity to do more of your own research about the term.

And, for the record, I didn’t forbid the church from using Goat/Sheep in their bulletin—I don’t try to control most uses of my art. I simply refused to provide them with a high resolution version of the image.

goat and sheep artwork
Gwenn Seemel
acrylic on bird’s eye piqué
19 x 23 inches

I do a lot of speaking about my art, but it’s almost always about how I run my business or why copyright is bad. Talking about something more personal like my sexuality was a challenge for me, and, though I’m glad I did it, I’m still not sure how I feel about it.

And the fact that I’m far more comfortable sharing the talk with my web community than I was to do it for the New Jersey and Pennsylvania audience who showed up the other night is totally weirding me out.


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