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March 20, 2017

I figured out my need to be noticed by hashing all this stuff out with two artist friends who are also on Patreon, Sarah Greenman and Sarah Atlee. Whatever your reason for supporting artists—financially or emotionally—I hope you do a lot of it, because we all need art in order to live, even those who argue that art is a luxury. Also, it’s okay to need to be noticed.

Gwenn Seemel art mentor
$15 pledge on my Patreon page

I’ve been on Patreon since the beginning of 2015, and my understanding of the platform has evolved a lot in that time, both as a creator and a donor. There are some things you can only learn by doing.

For example, this is my newest gift through Patreon! After one payment, we can set up one half-hour video call where you can ask for advice about your art career! It’s meant as a sample for the more extensive art guide work I do.


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