Blog / 2016 / The Link between Beauty and Death

August 8, 2016

For more about why I don’t shave my legs, check out this vlog. I talk more about sunsets in this video about being a painter of sunsets.

dragonfly stuck in seaweed

I get why this image of a bug that got stuck in seaweed is not as emotionally pleasing as the live one below.

yellow dragonfly

And though I’ve had two major surgeries to treat my endometriosis, both times I was terrified to be put under. In other words, I am by no means suggesting that I have reached any kind of enlightened state with regards to my own mortality. Still, I like that I can find the beauty in things that many other people find ugly, hard, or inappropriate. In fact, I work at cultivating this searching sense of beauty.

mouse skeleton

For example, I love this image for itself, but also for the context in which it was created. I discovered the mouse skeleton as I was dealing with all this.

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