Blog / 2016 / The Art Business Isn’t Like Any Other Business.

July 6, 2016

This 25 minute talk was commissioned by Cory Huff of The Abundant Artist for his conference. The theme he provided was: “What It All Looks Like.” I struggled for almost two months with how to bring it all together, but the effort was worthwhile. I’m grateful for the challenge as well as for what it helped me to make.

Gwenn Seemel photo by Isaac Watson
photo by Isaac Watson

Actually I’m grateful for a few things when it comes to Cory. His new book, How to Sell Your Art Online, features my career as an example!

Gwenn Seemel, Vicki Amorose, and Melody Blore
photo by Eileen Goldenberg

This photo represents a few of my favorite parts of the conference. I got to reconnect with the brilliant and lovely Vicki Amorose, whose ear I am about to lick and whose excellent book, Art-Write, should be in every artist’s library. Also, I got to meet the fascinating and funny Melody Blore, who’s pictured at right, as well as the wonderful and witty Eileen Goldenberg, who took the photo.

Gwenn Seemel
slide from the talk

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