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September 17, 2015

To see my TEDx talk which is all about questioning copyright, go here. Also, I’d like to officially note that, before TED made its threat/offer to take down its upload of my talk, I always used that version for my English-speaking Web presence—embedding it on my site and pointing to it regularly. It made sense, because TED and I were partners, with me giving them good content and them giving me their clout. But that relationship ended when they got weird and grabby.

The sad thing about TED using the word “copyright” to try to silence me is that they are far from the only organization that does this. I’ve run into it repeatedly from institutions I’ve worked with over the years, including the Regional Arts and Culture Council in Portland, Oregon.

If you want to learn about copyright, check out You Share Good.


May 25, 2016

TED finally release their bogus claim on my upload of my talk, and I wrote about what I learned from tangling with them here.


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