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April 2, 2015

I love the work I do. Sometimes though, I wish I did something else.

It happens when I hear a note played on a bass clarinet and I feel like I could crawl inside the warmth of that sound and exist in peaceful aliveness there forever. Or when my face hurts from laughing so much at a comedian’s craft. Or when I escape to another universe and feel other people’s emotions through a novel. Those are the times I wish I could do something else with my life.

The truth is that visual art can’t compare to music, comedy, or written works of fiction. Each of those arts transports me in a way that paintings or drawings or sculptures never can. Music uses rhythm; comedy taps into the beautiful absurdity of life; novels revel in the commitment they require, rewarding anyone who will sit down long enough read that many words with a better idea of what it means to be human.

marker on paper cat drawing
Gwenn Seemel
marker on paper
8 x 6 inches

It can be uncomfortable at times, but mostly my dissatisfaction with my medium actually makes me love it that much more. It keeps me going, striving to incorporate something of my favorite arts into the art that chose me.

What are your favorite kinds of art?


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