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October 6, 2014

I made this video because I’ve been thinking a lot about people who work for institutions and do a terrible job. If you are into the freelance artist thing, check out this post about how to make a living as an artist or this e-book about art marketing.

And, if you’re in Portland and you are interested in art business stuff, check out the Creative Clubhouse event put on by Maker’s Nation this Saturday. I’m on the panel about pricing your art.

Creative Clubhouse
Saturday 11 October from 2 to 7 PM
Go here to purchase tickets!

1001 SE Morrison Street
Portland, Oregon 97214


July 24, 2017

For more about how the independent artist’s path differs from the institutional one, check out this video. In it, I explain how to deal with people who question your ability or your right to call yourself an artist.

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