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July 18, 2011

In May, I did a Kickstarter for my upcoming Series X, and as part of the gifts I promised my backers drawings of thier favorite kind of animal. I’ve finally finished the full series.

Maine Coon cat drawing
Gwenn Seemel’s Maine Coon Cat

It’s fascinating how these drawings act as a kind of survey of people’s preferred animals.

kitten drawing
Gwenn Seemel’s Kitten

Even though it’s not particularly scientific, the results are still interesting.

cat drawing
Gwenn Seemel’s Kitten

All in all, cats win out.

cat drawing
Gwenn Seemel’s Cat

Various versions of the domesticated cat are one of the larger groups.

bobcat drawing
Gwenn Seemel’s Bobcat

There was just one bobcat request.

lion drawing
Gwenn Seemel’s Lion

But lots of lions.

lion drawing
Gwenn Seemel’s Lion

The maned feline was the favorite species.

lion illustration
Gwenn Seemel’s Lion, order prints or stickers on Redbubble

It had three separate requests.

tiger illustration
Gwenn Seemel’s Tiger, order prints or stickers on Redbubble

And the tiger was one of the handful of animals that got two votes.

tiger illustration
Gwenn Seemel’s Tiger

I like the expression I managed to capture on this one.

pug illustration
Gwenn Seemel’s Pug, order prints or stickers on Redbubble

After cats, dogs were the most popular.

Australian Kelpie illustration
Gwenn Seemel’s Australian Kelpie

So many dogs!

golden retriever illustration
Gwenn Seemel’s Golden Retriever

Felines got ten votes total.

English Bulldog illustration
Gwenn Seemel’s English Bulldog

Canines received just nine.

dachshund illustration
Gwenn Seemel’s Dachshund

But the domesticated dog in all its permutations is more popular than house cats.

Kerry Blue Terrier illustration
Gwenn Seemel’s Kerry Blue Terrier

In drawing them, I learned about various breeds.

brittany spaniel illustration
Gwenn Seemel’s Brittany Spaniel

I cheated a little for my mom by doing a portrait of a specific animal, her baby Roo.

black dog illustration
Gwenn Seemel’s Dog

Oddly enough, there was a request for a “big black dog” which is shown above as well as one for a “fat black cat”—it’s the one above the bobcat. I guess large monochromatic animals are a thing.

wolf illustration
Gwenn Seemel’s Arctic Wolf

The arctic wolf was the only wild dog to make the canine cut.

crow illustration
Gwenn Seemel’s Crow

Birds were less popular than I thought they’d be.

kiwi illustration
Gwenn Seemel’s Kiwi

And the bird choices surprised me.

owl illustration
Gwenn Seemel’s Owl

Only one owl?

rooster illustration
Gwenn Seemel’s Rooster, order prints or stickers on Redbubble

Same for roosters.

white duck illustration
Gwenn Seemel’s Duck

But there were two ducks.

mallard duck illustration
Gwenn Seemel’s Mallard Duck, order prints or stickers on Redbubble

So I made one a mallard.

elephant illustration
Gwenn Seemel’s Elephant

Elephants also got two requests.

baby elephant colorful drawing
Gwenn Seemel’s Elephant Baby, order prints or stickers on Redbubble

I did a baby to change things up a bit.

giraffe colorful drawing
Gwenn Seemel’s Giraffe

There were two giraffes as well.

giraffe colorful drawing
Gwenn Seemel’s Giraffe

And herbivores in general were fairly popular.

moose colorful drawing
Gwenn Seemel’s Moose, order prints or stickers on Redbubble

Including a moose.

impala colorful drawing
Gwenn Seemel’s Impala

I now know that an impala is a kind of gazelle and that gazelles are small antelope.

horse colorful drawing
Gwenn Seemel’s Horse

I cheated again here by drawing a horse I’d already painted.

goat colorful drawing
Gwenn Seemel’s Goat, order prints or stickers on Redbubble

The goat’s pupils were interesting to work with.

Highland Cow colorful drawing
Gwenn Seemel’s Highland Cow

And I loved the highland cow’s do.

manatee colorful drawing
Gwenn Seemel’s Manatee

Underwater creatures proved to be tricky.

dolphin colorful drawing
Gwenn Seemel’s Dolphin

The weightlessness is difficult to fathom.

humu humu nuku nuku apua’a colorful drawing
Gwenn Seemel’s Humu Humu Nuku Nuku Apua’a

Animals like this one were a challenge for me. The elaborate coloring felt restrictive somehow since I couldn’t impose my own rainbow!

snail colorful drawing
Gwenn Seemel’s Snail

I loved capturing the quiet vitality of a snail.

bear colorful drawing
Gwenn Seemel’s Bear

I’m glad the bear got at least one vote: it was my favorite animal for a long time.

piglet colorful drawing
Gwenn Seemel’s Piglet, order prints or stickers on Redbubble

And piglets are David’s favorite.

rabbit colorful drawing
Gwenn Seemel’s Rabbit

Rabbits got two votes.

rabbit colorful drawing
Gwenn Seemel’s Rabbit, order prints or stickers on Redbubble

That makes sense since 2011 is the year of the rabbit in the Chinese Zodiac.

squirrel colorful drawing
Gwenn Seemel’s Squirrel, order prints or stickers on Redbubble

All in all, doing these drawings was fascinating and fun.

groundhog colorful drawing
Gwenn Seemel’s Groundhog, order prints or stickers on Redbubble

Now I’m ready to buckle down to the serious work of Series X!

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