Artwork / Snow Days / Pete Ferryman (KPTV)

painted portrait of a white man on an brown background
Gwenn Seemel
Pete Ferryman (KPTV)
acrylic on canvas
36 x 24 inches

As part of my Snow Days adventure, I found myself in the KPTV studio one weekend mid-morning, sitting in Pete’s chair. I had become friends with a cameraman for KPTV and he had agreed to film me on his company’s set delivering my artist statement as a news cast. I played the video segment at the opening of the show and a clip of it is part of the video here.

I try to make my exhibitions exciting to come to. For Mutually Beneficial, for example, in addition to the show, I had unstretched a bunch of older work and sold it at a huge discount out of the venue’s back room, a play on the starving artist theme implicit in the show.