Artwork / Public Faces / Maria Rojo de Steffey (Multnomah County Commissioner)

painted portrait of Maria Rojo de Steffey
Gwenn Seemel
Maria Rojo de Steffey (Multnomah County Commissioner)
acrylic on canvas
24 x 18 inches

Back when I was creating this series, I was using an analog camera to photograph my subjects. Once I had finished a portrait, I would send the subjects all the photos that were not crucial to the building of the portrait. After all, I usually took between fifty and eighty photos of a subject, so it didn’t make sense to keep all of them. Maria gave those extra photos to her grandchildren, who enjoyed including their grandmother in their collage artworks. Art inspiring art!

Getting a digital camera changed my process. I started taking two or three hundred photos of my subjects. I remember the first time I used my new digital camera because of who the subject was.