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portrait of a man the artist met online
Gwenn Seemel
Overall Compatibility
acrylic on canvas patchwork
20 x 20 inches

Meeting with strangers and interviewing them in order to paint their portraits wasn’t anything new for me, but meeting strangers off of online personals was. So, each time I had an appointment with a subject for Mutually Beneficial, I made sure a friend of mine knew where I was going to be and with whom. If I didn’t call that friend by a certain time, he promised to swoop in and rescue me. Happily, it never came to that.

What follows is the personal ad which the subject of this portrait posted.

Lonely Guy Wanting Another Soulmate - 49

Reply to: anonPOST-123
Date: 2005-05-30, 1:56PM PDT

Good Morning Gals!,

Single, divorced Guy looking to find his soulmate once again. I am genuine, professional type Guy, whos tired of being alone in life. I don’t NEED a Gal in my life again. I WANT a Gal in my life. And their is a big difference between needing and wanting. If you don’t understand this difference, you are the wrong person for me!

I’m taking the chance by posting my picture first up. I just believe that by doing so, those of you that find me attractive initially will respond.

I live in the downtown area, have a wonderful place with a view of the City, and wish to share my life with someone again.

The overall need for compatibility is real, so for me, the first impression is important. To those of you that feel looks are un-important in a relationship, I am sorry, but I have to be physically attracted to someone in order to be interested. So, if this bothers you, again, you are the wrong Gal for me and vice versa. I prefer slender to medium built Gals.

I work out regulary, have many interests, love going dancing and to dinners, and am a very clean, neat person. You be too please.

Age is not a huge concern for me but overall compatability is! You could be 28 years old for all I care and we could be very comfortable together.

Obviously, a picture tells a thousand words for me so please include one. I will answer all who send a response but only as long as a picture is included.

portrait of a man the artist met online
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