Artwork / Lifesavers Fan Art / It’s Like Riding a Hover-bike

mixed media Black Panther fan art of T’Challa and Shuri wearing face coverings because of the pandemic
Gwenn Seemel
It’s Like Riding a Hover-bike
acrylic, colored pencil, and marker on paper
8 x 8 inches


Having two brothers of my own means that there’s a special place in my heart for brother-sister relationships in stories. T’Challa and Shuri from Black Panther are one of my favorite sibling pairs, along with the Simon and River from the Firefly TV series and the rabbit kids in the 1973 cartoon Robin Hood. This is the brother I was raised with, and this is the one that got to meet our dad when Papa was a young man.

You can see the making of It’s Like Riding a Hover-bike.