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slot machine robot with a heart for an activation button, reels that show angry face emojis, and coins that are sad face emojis spilling out
Gwenn Seemel
Lottery of Likes
acrylic on panel
18 x 14 inches


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What does this robot want to tell you? What does the exclamation point mean? Why are there sad-face emojis spilling out?

The slot machine of social media gambles with your emotions. Your heart is the activation button, the reels land all too often on angry-face emojis, and the coins that spill out are always sad-face emojis.

Do you feel like you’re in control when you use these apps? How does social media affect your mind and body? What would it be like to give up these apps for a week? A month? A year?

You can watch the making of this robot painting.

art about social media being addictive
detail image