Artwork / Everything’s Fine / Lottery of Likes

slot machine robot with a heart for an activation button, reels that show angry face emojis, and coins that are sad face emojis spilling out
Gwenn Seemel
Lottery of Likes
acrylic on panel
18 x 14 inches


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Many of the paintings in this series start with a feeling, and then I design an image to match, like with this artwork. Some of the pieces are more like this one, for which the image came to me first and I only later deciphered what they meant.

And then there’s Lottery of Likes, which is in a category all its own. I started with a character: I knew I wanted to include a painting of a robot in Everything’s Fine. But, at first, I didn’t know what the machine would be doing, much less what it would look like. It wasn’t until I realized I could make it into commentary about the addictive and manipulative nature of social media that Lottery of Likes came together.

art about social media being addictive
detail image