Artwork / Everything’s Fine / Black-and-white Thinking

a black-and-white panda that’s half white-and-black holding a clapperboard upside, art about all-or-nothing thinking
Gwenn Seemel
Black-and-white Thinking
acrylic on panel
12 x 9 inches


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What is the panda saying to you? How is it feeling? What’s going on just outside of the frame of this image?

Sometimes life becomes overwhelming, and the idea that other people are just as complex as you feels like too much. Have you ever decided that someone is all good or all bad because that’s easier than parsing the intricacies of who they are? What would it be like to actually call “cut” so you didn’t have to finish the scene? When has denying the complexities of others worked out for you? When has it made things more difficult?

You can see the making of Black-and-white Thinking.

panda split in two
detail image