Artwork / Everything’s Fine / If I Were You, I’d Call Me Us

grey octopus, holding a rainbow eyeball balloon, surrealist art about an unstable self-image
Gwenn Seemel
If I Were You, I’d Call Me Us
acrylic on panel
14 x 11 inches


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How is the octopus feeling? What is the eyeball balloon saying to you? Where do the tentacles at the edge of composition come from?

Are you the same you today as you were yesterday? The same you when you’re with one friend as when you’re with others? If you were an octopus and you had three hearts, nine brains, and tentacles that taste as well as touch, who would you be then? What if you had the ability to make a cloud of toxic ink or camouflage yourself by changing your shape along with the color and texture of your skin?

If you think with your brain as well as with your body, your community, and your surroundings—which is how all humans think—then who are you truly?

To watch the making of If I Were You, I’d Call Me Us, check out this blog post.

octopus art
detail image