Artwork / Everything’s Fine / Oh No! Thoughts Won’t Go.

cats marching band that obviously doesn’t work, surrealist art by Gwenn Seemel
Gwenn Seemel
Oh No! Thoughts Won’t Go.
acrylic on panel
12 x 24 inches


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What do these nine cats have to say? Which one do you relate to most? If you were in this marching band, which instrument would be yours and why?

This is my brain as a marching band made up of cats, and only the one kitty is committed to actually making the music happen. There are times when I want to do something—anything from going to a party to starting a new artwork—but my marching band refuses to cooperate, often deciding that it’s time for a nap instead. The pattern is so clear at this point that, whenever I yawn, my first impulse is to check in with myself about my anxiety level.

Do you ever have trouble focusing? What were you trying to accomplish the last time you felt that way? What were the obstacles?

To watch the making of Oh No! Thoughts Won’t Go, check out this blog post.

cats refusing to play their instruments
detail image
art about herding cats
detail image