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painted portrait of artist George Broderick
Gwenn Seemel
George Broderick (Broderick Gallery)
acrylic on canvas
48 x 34 inches

In 2003, as I made the rounds gathering art dealers for my Critics Critiqued series, artist and gallery owner George Broderick easily became my favorite. I walked into his gallery one afternoon and made my way to the back of the venue hoping to talk to George or someone who could get me in touch with him. When I found no one there, I meandered back towards the door intending to stop back in some other time. I was taking in the art on my way out and, when I was half way to the door, a man came in and asked me casually what I thought of the work. “Rather uninteresting,” I answered frankly. To which he replied: “it’s mine.” That’s how I met George.

Sometimes people in the art world don’t take themselves too seriously, and I like that.