Artwork / Apple Pie / Amazigh Gothic (Algerian-American, Taous and Cherif)

American Gothic with an Algerian-American daughter and father
Gwenn Seemel
Amazigh Gothic (Algerian-American, Taous and Cherif)
acrylic on panel
35 x 30 inches


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Earlier on in my career, the references I made to other artists’ work were more subtle, like with the palette in this image. Later on, as I gained confidence, I stopped worrying about anyone thinking of my work as derivative and began quoting my predecessors more obviously as shown above with Amazigh Gothic.

Below is the subjects’ answers to this question: what does it mean to be an American?

What it means to be American.

Mixed, multilingual, Episcopal, pagan, Muslim, couscous, pecan pie, frizzy hair, banjo, oud, merguez, buffalo burger, travel, searching for roots, torn, uprooted, where are YOU from, feeling like a foreigner in both of my countries, ducation culturelle, wear what I want, feet in two worlds, two passports, Amazigh, no passport, cabin, Atlas mountains, Mississippi.

- Taous


Passion, dream and space
Time like sand dripping
Greed towards young retirement
And hard work could end it all
Lies hanging on trees
Dollars like leaves
Autumn is already here
Work until your 70s
And learn to be excited
To show it all off
No, you cannot leave;
You have debt to pay
Has it changed hands?

- Cherif

Algerian-American woman
detail image
Algerian-American man
detail image