Artwork / Apple Pie / Erzulie Fitzgerald (Haitian-American, Judith)

Ella Fitzgerald mash-up with Haitian culture
Gwenn Seemel
Erzulie Fitzgerald (Haitian-American, Judith)
acrylic and sequins on canvas and monk’s cloth
22 x 19 inches

This is the only time I’ve painted with anything but pigment and medium, and in making it I gained a deep respect for the makers of sequin-covered things. In this series which I created with another artist, my collaborator added pieces of molding to some of her paintings on wood, like for example in her half of this diptych, and I imagine her process was something like mine with the sequins: tentative at times, frustrated, and completely fascinated.

Below is the subject’s answer to this question: what does it mean to be an American?

To be an American is to love your country, respect the law, be ready to advocate/defend your country, love your compatriots, be supportive, be a multicultural person, bring good ideas for the progress of the country, and neighbor watches over neighbor.

- Judith

painterly portrait
detail image