Artwork / 2023 / HumanLight (Humanity, Hope, Compassion, Reason)

HumanLight candles by humanist artist Gwenn Seemel: trans symbol and peace sign on a white candle, recycle earth on a blue candle, heart in a heart on a red candle, atom symbol in a light bulb on a yellow candle
Gwenn Seemel
HumanLight (Humanity, Hope, Compassion, Reason)
acrylic on paper
14 x 11 inches

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Each of these candles comes with a purpose: the yellow represents reason, the red is about compassion, the blue evokes hope, and the white is meant to make you think of humanity. I painted them as a celebration of HumanLight, which is a secular celebration that coincides with the Christmas season and gives non-religious people their own way to party.

I first celebrated HumanLight in 2021 with this painting and this GIF, but my 2023 commemoration came with me outing myself as a Judicial Grinch.